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Women in “Merchant of Venice” Essay

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, there are numerous discussions over religion and companionship, however the possibility of the play that intrigued me the most was the job of ladies. The two ladies that are in this assume the job of the friends in need of the men who appear to be vulnerable and sad contrasted with them. Impacts of the Radical Feminist Perspective in The Merchant of Venice Angela Caravella 2006 The job that ladies play inside numerous Shakespearian plays regularly features their diligence, quality, and insight. This maybe demonstrates the playwright’s understanding that ladies ought to be on equivalent ground with men. Be that as it may, the finish of his works lead to the incredible, autonomous lady settling once again into society with her better half. Inside the play The Merchant of Venice, the female characters accomplish astonishing deeds to â€Å"clean up† the wrecks that their spouses had made and accomplish their own objectives, just to come back to their subordinate situations as wives. Portia, Nerissa and Jessica’s suspicion of the male structure to move unnoticed among Belmont and Venice permitted them a brief look into the universe of feministic beliefs. In later scenes, when Portia and Nerissa push the limits of their camouflage, they explicitly underline the idea of radical woman's rights. The modifying of Portia, Nerissa, and Jessica†™s sex to suit the general public of Venice is an immediate altercation notwithstanding the male centric society inside the earth of The Merchant of Venice. Lamentably, the general beliefs of the world as of now can recover their stranglehold on Jessica, Portia, and Nerissa. The develop of women's liberation depends on the woman’s battle in the public eye for social, political, and monetary equity with men. Woman's rights tries to wipe out the thought of sexism, which is the debasement, abuse, and subjection of ladies ( Women's liberation has numerous subcategories that emphasis on explicit regions inside the circle of women’s imbalance tin combination to men. One sub classification, radical women's liberation, worries about the possibility that society is impacted by a male ruled or male centric chain of command. Under this way of thinking, the male centric society can be portrayed as â€Å"the division of rights, benefits and force principally by sexual orientation, because of mistreating ladies and privileging men. An extreme women's activist basically accepts that they are mistreated on the single perfect that the sex of a lady is second rate and it tends to be viewed as that to modify one’s sexual orientation would be an extreme women's activist action. The strategy wherein the male controlled society is practiced upon ladies exists in physical and mental structures through the physical activity of deeds constantly prompts the mental acknowledgment of the female’s job as subordinate. Ladies must cling to a few physical gauges that comply with the rules that decide the female structure. They should be of the alluring body type, with little and effortless developments restricted to an imperceptible encased space that is humbly dressed and eyes cast descending (Bartky, 67-69). On the other hand, men with respect to space, take up however much of a zone as could be expected that he impacts dissimilar to a lady who will in general be a casualty of her condition. A lady who doesn't ad just to such severe guidelines is frequently named by society as a â€Å"loose† lady or terrible impact. This kind of lady has just been represented under the male centric framework. She is of less height than ladies who hold fast to the correct implicit rules and society has marker her for disrespect: â€Å"Her detachment is show in her ethics, however in her way of discourse, and actually in the free and simple way she moves† (68). Eye to eye connection is another physical activity wherein the best possible lady makes little of in order to not move the man to whom she speaks with. The free lady again is viewed as a danger to accepted practices since she takes a gander at whatever and whomever she requests her consideration (68). At the point when an activity has been performed by the lady to disappoint a man a lot of enduring results. The man himself may deny closeness on the off chance that he is unsatisfied with a female’s execution yet the lady also rebuffs herself for having debased the desires put on her by the male centric society. â€Å"The profundity of [these] women’s disgrace is a proportion of the degree to which all ladies have disguised male centric guidelines of substantial acceptability† (77). Since ladies have made man centric qualities part of their inward mental being, it is hard to not feel the consequences of feministic rehearses inside one’s self. Inside the play, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, the three female characters: Jessica, Portia and Nerissa’s involvement in varying degrees of the impact of the man centric society upon their extreme women's activist activities taken all through the play. The extreme women's activist perspectiveâ has an attention on sex disparity, so to oppose customary cultural standards of sex; for instance, cross-dressing may be a physical activity that a lady could proceed as a strategy for control, strengthening and activism to advance this perfect. The female characters Jessica, Nerissa and Portia all take part in cross-dressing in any case, every lady utilizes this movement to accomplish various points just as have fluctuating suppositions with respect to its utilization. Inside Act II Scene 6 of the play, Jessica expect the type of a man so she may escape from her father’s get a handle on and run off with Lorenzo. I am happy ’tis night, you don't look on me, For I am a lot of embarrassed about my trade. However, love is visually impaired, and darlings can't see ,The pretty indiscretions that themselves submit For on the off chance that they could, Cupid himself would become flushed To see me changed to a boy†¦ What, must I measure up to my disgraces? They in themselves, great sooth, are excessively light. Why, ’tis an office of revelation, love, And I ought to be clouded (Shakespeare, 2.6, 36-40,42-44). Jessica is humiliated by the mask of a page to escape which embodies how close the male centric goals are bound to her character. She is practically incapable to spare herself and exercise her own will when she understands that she should claim to take care of business. When Portia and Nerissa cross-dress, the sentiment is ve ry extraordinary or if nothing else not showed by Shakespeare. At the point when we are both accounted like youngsters, I’ll demonstrate the prettier individual of the two, And wear my knife with the more courageous elegance, And talk between the difference in man and kid With reed voice; and turn two mincing strides ,Into a masculine step; and discuss conflicts Like a fine boasting youth; and lie, How noteworthy women looked for my adoration, Which I denying, they fell wiped out and kicked the bucket †¦(3.4,63-71). These characters â€Å"neatly comprehend a knotty legitimate problem† for Antonio and Bassanio under the appearance of male legal counselors (Jardine, 30). In their structure they can control the strategy inside the court just as outside it by drawing in ladies’ consideration and persuading Bassanio and Gratiano to surrender Portia and Nerissa’s rings. By opposing their sexual orientations to go into the male-commanded society in Venice they institute the substance of radical women's liberation. Portia and Nerissa don't hold disgrace for their activities that could be a sign of their absence of worry for man centric qualities yet in addition an enthusiasm for sparing the life of Antonio in light of the fact that he has a profound relationship with Bassanio. The most impressive purpose of Portia and Nerissa’sâ activity as legal advisors in Venice is that they can move undetected in the public eye and accomplish their objectives. This action deconstructs th e male pecking order since they accomplish more than what Bassanio, Antonio or Shylock could achieve inside the court. As men these ladies were fit for achieving amazing deeds since they were out of the domain of low desires put on ladies. To additionally reinforce the extreme women's activist way of thinking, Portia and Nerissa can get control over the men in order to modify the sexual orientation unevenness while not covered under the clothing worn by men also. â€Å"Portia’s garments impact no transformation on her soul, the legal counselor was never a woman, in spite of the fact that the woman is continually something of an attorney (Dusinberre, 267-268). While Belmont can be viewed as increasingly liberal concerning women’s fairness there is at rent one announcement that remaining parts ardent, Portia’s marriage as decided from the coffin test. Portias father’s control over his girl even in death is a demonstration of the control men have in the illicit relationships of ladies, as if they were property and not people. As per her father’s will, Portia’s spouse will be the man who picks the right coffin that contains an image of Portia. â€Å"Oh, me, the word, â€Å"choose†! I may neither pick who I would nor reject who I detest; so is the desire of a living girl checked by the desire of a dead father† (Shakespeare,1.2,22-24). While the coffin choice seems, by all accounts, to be an exacting specification, the smart Portia disentangles a technique where she can at present have an impact upon the man that she weds. Portia â€Å"accepts† the way that she should wed Bassanio after he chooses the lead coffin as the satisfaction of her father’s wants. She had the option to steer the results of the dynamic procedure in support of herself with the goal that she could pick her better half by tactfully giving pieces of information to show the right coffin. â€Å"Let music sound while he doth make his choice†¦Let all of us ring fancy’s ring I’ll start it-Ding, Dong, chime. Ding, Dong, bell† (3.2, 43, 69-71). Cursorily, the circumstance identifies with the all-encompassing man controlled society and its quality; Portia be that as it may, acts to neutralize the severe agreement she is bound to and graph the course of the choice of her significant other (Dusinberre, 85). In

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Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper

Question: Portray about the Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper? Answer: Presentation Fiscal reports help to comprehend the budgetary strength of an organization. In any case, when records are controlled, it gives a negative use to partners. Partners face numerous issues in perusing the market, for example, inappropriate rules, false practices and controls. This exploration paper makes an investigation of the fiscal summary examination issue. The philosophy included is to examine the issue through a contextual investigation of the budget report of Apple Inc. The proportion investigation made is through the level strategy and vertical technique. The flat technique is done through the fiscal report investigation, development desires and value valuation of Apple Inc., over a time of 4 years from 2012 to 2015. The examination is made through figures introduced in the yearly reports of the organization and the issues that partners face while perusing the yearly reports of a firm. The writing identifying with control issues, the causes, techniques engaged with controls is e xamined through Apple Inc. The discoveries are made and finishes of the examination gave through point by point study. Writing Overview Jerry M Rosenberg has characterized Accounting Ratios as any relationship of a companys profit to the organizations advertise cost of its stock. They are likewise called as budgetary proportions as they show the connection between different figures expressed in the fiscal reports. Proportion examination is the most broadly utilized budgetary investigation instrument. These proportions help to evaluate the liquidity, benefit and the capital structure of the business, particularly to analyze the presentation of the firm comparable to its past exhibition (Sarngadharan kumar, 2011). Budget summary Analysis Clients see the budget summaries of a firm for different reasons. Speculators take a gander at the gainfulness of the firm after some time and by contrasting them and different firms in a similar industry. The congruity, dependability and dissolvability of a firm is seen by a solid income. The capital structure gives them an image of the estimation of property by financial specialists. Different partners incorporate the loan specialists, benefits support administrators, banks, representatives and providers. The business chiefs read the fiscal summaries to know the presentation of the firm and to spot issues that emerge in the firm(Fridson Alvarez, 2002). Protections and Exchange Commission (SEC) The job of the SEC is to secure the enthusiasm of partners and to keep up a methodical and effective market to encourage capital development with the goal that organizations affirm to straightforward bookkeeping rehearse and furthermore affirm the gauges of divulgence as specified(SEC, 2013). Procedure: Case Study-Apple Inc. The examination paper comprises of current issues in regards to the fiscal report investigation of partners. The approach utilized in this examination is through a contextual investigation of Apple Inc. The present issues that partners face in perusing budget summaries are dissected. Issues emerge with respect to budgetary investigation under flat and vertical techniques. Insights about Apple Inc and partners engaged with Apple Inc. are seen by utilizing different systematic devices. Despite the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finds a way to forestall deceitful practices controls, there are numerous reasons why corporate utilize escape clauses in introducing off base budget summaries. History Macintosh is an American worldwide organization which makes PCs, PC programming, cell phones and PC peripherals. This organization was helped to establish by Steve Jobs in 1976. It is the third biggest cell phone creators. A portion of its notable items are the iPhone, iPod, the iPad, and the Macintosh line of PCs. The budget report examination assists with assessing the efficiency and possibility of Apple Inc. through the salary explanation, the accounting report, proclamation of held income and articulation of incomes. Partners of Apple Inc. The interests of the partners are the principle worry of Apple Inc in while thinking about the various parts of its business. They are Clients or customers: They are the companys top partners. Giving viable and great items at sensible costs to clients is the need of the firm. In any case, clients of Apple have acknowledged the excellent estimating strategy alongside the unrivaled nature of the item. Representatives of Apple Inc Financial specialists Representatives of merchants and providers Effect of fiscal report control The partners are the fundamental clients of the fiscal report anticipated yearly by the firm The speculators, investors, providers, loan bosses, representatives are different partners who read the monetary reports and take choices in regards to the relationship with the firm. Except if the partners comprehend the issues and set out to find the real story, they will be deluded into taking incorrectly choices with respect to the firm. Huge corporate like General Motors, Lehman Brothers, Enron, AIG, Freddie Mac, are a few instances of bankrupt firms which anticipated wrong budget summaries and needed to close their organizations as they were bankrupt while partners lost their interests in these organizations. Fiscal report Analysis(Cook, Apple Inc. - Annual Report, 2015, 2015)(Cook T. , 2014)(Cook, Apple Inc.- Annual Report, 2013)(Cook, Apple Inc.- Annual Report, 2012) (Ernst Young, 2015) Fiscal reports are dissected from the yearly reports of organizations. An examination is made on how partners dissect the fiscal report of Apple Inc. Key techniques for breaking down budget reports are the flat strategy and the vertical strategy. The level strategy investigates the budget summary over a progression of periods. In this example the fiscal summaries are read for a time of four years from 2012 to 2015 of Apple Inc. The fiscal report investigation, development desire and value valuations are considered. The vertical technique investigates the budget summary between contending firms and between the business figures. Level technique Under the flat technique, the money related investigation made inside the firm by methods for proportion examination over a time period. The time span considered here is four years from 2012 2015. The proportions examined on Apple Inc are to pick up information about monetary examination, development desire and value valuation (Sarngadharan kumar, 2011) Money related Analysis Liquidity Ratios Liquidity Ratios 2012 2013 2014 2015 Current Ratio 1.50 1.68 1.08 1.11 Fast Ratio 1.48 1.64 1.05 1.08 Money Ratio 0.76 0.93 0.40 0.52 Source: Nasdaq(Nasdaq, 2016) Liquidity proportions help to dissect if the firm can meet its present or transient commitments The present proportion is generally excellent in 2012 while it has descended in 2015. The present resources are only ready to meet the present liabilities in 2015 and are simply agreeable. The Quick proportion shows the general liquidity position of the firm. This is otherwise called the fluid proportion. It puts more accentuation on the capacity of the firm to change over current resources into money. Brisk resources are present resources less stock and prepaid costs. A fluid proportion of 1:1 is viewed as agreeable and Apple Inc has quite recently acceptable fluid advantages for meet fluid liabilities(Palepu Healy, 2013). The Cash Ratio is a liquidity proportion that mirrors the capacity of the firm to pay its present liabilities with its money and money reciprocals. This proportion is examined by its loan bosses. Apple Inc has a money proportion of under 1 which shows that it doesn't have the necessary money equalization to take care of its obligations. Truth be told, this proportion shows decay throughout the years. The money balance comprises of money got through tax avoidance as revealed through new articles.(TOI, 2016). Productivity Ratios 2012 2013 2014 2015 Net Margin 44% 38% 39% 40% Working Margin 35% 29% 29% 30% Net Margin 27% 22% 22% 23% ROE 43% 31% 34% 46% ROA 42% 26% 26% 31% Source: Morningstar(MorningStar, 2016) Net Margin: This shows the level of income that is accessible to cover working consumptions and other use. Apple Inc.s GP edge has diminished after 2012 however it is recouping throughout the years indicating that it is expanding its income to cover costs Net edge: This demonstrates productivity. Apple Inc.s net overall revenue has likewise fallen since 2012, indicating a minor improvement after its fall in 201 . Year on year, the companys income has expanded to 233.72bn from 192.80bn which is a 27.86 % expansion. It has additionally diminished its expense of products sold, selling and managerial costs just as intrigue paid as a level of deals. These upgrades have expanded the development of net gain to 53.39bn from 39. T5bn which is 35.14% (Marketwatch, 201). ROE: This estimates how much an organization creates as benefit from the investor cash contributed. It contrasts the gainfulness of the organization and that of different firms in a similar industry. This proportion has additionally improved after 2013 demonstrating that ventures made with the investor cash get great returns adding to the benefit of the business ROA: We find that the ROE surpasses ROA in 2012 and 2015 demonstrating that profit is more than adequate to pay the intrigue charges on turned capital structure(Billingsley, 2006) Development Expectation Current Qtr Mar 16 Next Qtr June 16 Current Year Sep 16 One Year from now Sep 17 Profit gauge 2.00 1.78 9.07 10.02 Income Estimate 52.10B 47.76B 227.45B 240.84B Profit 2.16 1.81 1.88 3.23 EPS 2.00 1.78 9.07 10.02 Source: Yahoo Fi

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Long Breaks in College

Long Breaks in College Hey guys, At this point in the year I dont care if youre a senior, a green-horned freshman, or even a high school kid trying to decide whats next â€" this time of year is a struggle for us all. Weve worked hard for almost four months straight, put in the long hours at the library, even studied on the weekends, and gone to office hours to build a rapport with our professors. Just when you think you that you cant possibly go another weekits THANKSGIVING!!! Home cooked food, family, your childhood room, and most importantly A WHOLE WEEK OFF OF SCHOOL!!! (Found at A lot of caps lock, I know, but thats how exciting it is to be able to go on Thanksgiving Break. Its a very necessary intermission between the first two thirds of the semester and that final, very vital last push after the break. It allows for us all to recharge our batteries, experience a Sunday that doesnt require us to groan as we contemplate waking up the following Monday, and allows us to let loose.  Just think about it, mountains of delicious food, TV and video games, loving family membersI dont know if I can make it another two days! But at the same time, we cant forget about all the work that can still be done while on break. Some teachers dont schedule work for over break, but some will. So dont forgetoh who am I kidding! Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, and make sure you eat plenty of turkey and cranberry sauce! Until next time, Kenny Kenny Class of 2016 I’m in the Creative Writing program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I’m originally from Tampa, Florida, but I’ve been calling Illinois my home since 1998. I’ve lived all over the Northwest suburbs, from Palatine to Lakemoor to where I currently live back home, Mundelein.

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Learn the History of the Swastika

The swastika is an extremely powerful symbol. The Nazis used it to murder millions of people during the Holocaust, but for centuries it had positive meanings. What is the history of the swastika? Does it now represent good or evil? The Oldest Known Symbol The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE. Nigel Hicks / Getty Images During the following thousand years, the image of the swastika was used by many cultures around the world, including in China, Japan, India, and southern Europe. By the Middle Ages, the swastika was a well known, if not commonly used, symbol, but was called by many different names: China - wanEngland - fylfotGermany - HakenkreuzGreece - tetraskelion and gammadionIndia - swastika Though it is not known for exactly how long, Native Americans also have long used the symbol of the swastika. The Original Meaning The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika: su meaning good, asti meaning to be, and ka as a suffix. Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck. Even in the early twentieth century, the swastika was still a symbol with positive connotations. For instance, the swastika was a common decoration that often adorned cigarette cases, postcards, coins, and buildings. During World War I, the swastika could even be found on the shoulder patches of the American 45th Division and on the Finnish air force until after World War II. A Change in Meaning In the 1800s, countries around Germany were growing much larger, forming empires; yet Germany was not a unified country until 1871. To counter the feeling of vulnerability and the stigma of youth, German nationalists in the mid-nineteenth century began to use the swastika, because it had ancient Aryan/Indian origins, to represent a long Germanic/Aryan history. By the end of the nineteenth century, the swastika could be found on nationalist German volkisch periodicals and was the official emblem of the German Gymnasts League. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the swastika was a common symbol of German nationalism and could be found in a multitude of places such as the emblem for the Wandervogel, a German youth movement; on Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels antisemitic periodical Ostara; on various Freikorps units; and as an emblem of the Thule Society. Hitler and the Nazis Heinrich Hoffmann / Getty Images In 1920, Adolf Hitler decided that the Nazi Party needed its own insignia and flag. For Hitler, the new flag had to be a symbol of our own struggle as well as highly effective as a poster. (Mein Kampf, pg. 495) On August 7, 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, the red flag with a white circle and black swastika became the official emblem of the Nazi Party. Hulton Archive / Getty Images In Mein Kampf, Hitler described the Nazis new flag: In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic. (pg. 496-497) Because of the Nazis flag, the swastika soon became a symbol of hate, antisemitism, violence, death, and murder. What Does the Swastika Mean Now? There is a great debate as to what the swastika means now. For 3,000 years, the swastika meant life and good luck. But because of the Nazis, it has also taken on a meaning of death and hate. These conflicting meanings are causing problems in todays society. For Buddhists and Hindus, the swastika is a very religious symbol that is commonly used. Chirag Badlani shares a story about one time when he went to make some photocopies of some Hindu Gods for his temple. While standing in line to pay for the photocopies, some people behind him in line noticed that one of the pictures had a swastika. They called him a Nazi. Unfortunately, the Nazis were so effective at their use of the swastika emblem, that many do not even know any other meaning for the swastika. Can there be two completely opposite meanings for one symbol? Does the Direction of the Swastika Matter? In ancient times, the direction of the swastika was interchangeable, as can be seen on an ancient Chinese silk drawing. Glenn Waters in Japan / Getty Images Some cultures in the past had differentiated between the clockwise swastika and the counter-clockwise sauvastika. In these cultures, the swastika symbolized health and life while the sauvastika took on a mystical meaning of bad-luck or misfortune. Italian summer camp forming group backwards swastika. Â  De Agostini / Foto Studio Leoni / Getty Images But since the Nazis use of the swastika, some people are trying to differentiate the two meanings of the swastika by varying its direction—trying to make the clockwise, Nazi version of the swastika mean hate and death, while the counter-clockwise version would hold the ancient meaning of the symbol, life, and good luck.

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Analysis of the Successful Business Lives of Famous Entrepreneurs Free Essay Example, 2500 words

After the dreadful demise of Apple s cofounder on October 5, 2011, The New York Times published an article clearly describing his triumphs, downfalls, and qualities. Hence, I took the opportunity to analyze and review any leadership skills he displayed in his work as he led Apple Incorporation to the helm. Jobs alongside Steve Wozniak founded Apple Incorporation back in 1976 in California. Unfortunately, in the early 80s, a disagreement between the two led to Job s break away from Apple. During this time, he displayed distinct leadership qualities where he led a small group of employees from Apple to form a new company by the name NeXt Computer. It is crucial for a leader to be a guide of his followers and provide them with innovations, just as Jobs displayed. In 1996, Jobs, as the leader of NeXt Computer sold it to Apple Incorporation, a move that saw him going back to Apple as a product team leader. Whilst in this position, Jobs led Apple Incorporation into breathing new life into various gadgets such as iPods, phones, computers, and iPad among others (The New York Times 2011). We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of the Successful Business Lives of Famous Entrepreneurs or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page The Academy of Achievement published an article of how Michael Dell shaped his way out from a dorm room to a boardroom using innovation as a key aspect in his work. The subsequent appraisal is a detailed examination of the path Michael Dell followed as he headed for success and as he incorporated Dell Incorporation. Michael Dell s parents urged him to become a medical student; thus, he joined the University of Texas. However, Dell s innovative mind had always focused on gadgets and business and with time, he was determined to combine the two.

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The power of social media in political communication Free Essays

Research Question To determine the impact of social media on the way that political institutions and organizations communicate to the public including the unintended impact of social media on political communication. Research Objective The track the evolution of social media use in political communication both as intended by those disseminating the information and the unintended impact of having such assessable communication methods for the general public. Significance and Context of Research Increasingly in political communication, social media has been used as a primary method of disseminating information, gathering information and testing public opinion. We will write a custom essay sample on The power of social media in political communication or any similar topic only for you Order Now Indeed certain countries continue to use these methods as a primary means of lobbying support. However, not only does it present enormous benefit to political organizations, it also presents a unique opportunity to the public combating abuse of power and an increased awareness and accountability. Some research even goes as far as to suggest that the impact of social media has enhanced the citizen participation in democracy increasing the commitment thereto. In the age of social media as a primary means of communication, the role and impact of this on political communication is boundless and significant. Methodology The primary method of research will be the analysis of different systems of social media usage. There is some literature written on the topic, examining different facets of the social media usage in political communication and this will serve as a useful indicator of the ways that social media is used in political communication. Thereafter, individual case studies on various methods that have been employed to great effect need to be examined. In other words, by examining how different political organizations have used social media to their advantage. The sources of these case studies will be evident in the literature written on the topic. How the organizations use social media and the effect that it has will be the primary focus of the research. The effect of social media usage will include the benefits on participation as well as the disadvantages relating to sensationalism and accuracy. References Clay Shirky (2011) ‘The Political Power of Social Media’ Foreign Affairs, 90(1), p28-41 Erik Qualman (2009) ‘How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business’ [online] Available on [Accessed on 7 July 2012] Erik C. Nisbet, Elizabeth Stoycheff, Katy E. Pearce (2012) ‘Internet Use and Democratic Demands: A Multinational, Multilevel Model of Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes About Democracy’ Journal of Communication, 62, 249–265 Henry Farrell (2011) ‘The Internet’s Consequences for Politics’ [online] Available on [Accessed on 7 July 2012] John C. Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger, Justin M. Grimes (2010) ‘Using ICTs to create a culture of transparency: E-government and social media as openness and anti-corruption tools for societies’ Government Information Quarterly, 27, 264–271 Michael J. Magro, (2012) ‘A Review of Social Media Use in E-Government’ Sci., 2, 148-161 Wenfang Tang and Shanto Iyengar (2011) ‘ The Emerging Media System in China: Implications for Regime Change’ Political Communication, Special Issue [online] Available at [Accessed on 7 July 2012] How to cite The power of social media in political communication, Essay examples

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CFO Roles and Responsibilities

Question: Discuss about the CFO : Roles and Responsibilities. Answer: Introduction: The Chief Financial Officer of the Santos Limited is Mr. Anthony Neilson. He is an Chartered Accountant with the experience in the sector of the oil and the gas in the United states, China, South East Asia, and the Australia. Before joining the Santos Limited, he was working in the Roc Oil Company Limited as the Chief Executive Officer and the Hong Kong-listed investor Fosun International Limited acquired that company in the year 2014. The Chief Financial Officer of the Roc Oil Company Limited was also Mr. Anthony Neilson, which held by the role at the Caltex Australia, Credit Suisse First Boston (London), and the Arthur Andersen (Sydney) for the finance and the business services. He has the experience about the 14 years in the field of the oil and the gas. He has the skills of the risk management as well as the strong knowledge about the finance and that skills will help the Santos Limited for the reduction of the cost and for increasing the operating cash flows and the management o f the balance sheet for making the value for the shareholders. He has also joined the new executive committee, which has the ability of the technicals for the transformation of the Santos Limited into the business, which has the high performance and generates the low cost of the transactions and the reliable business. Mr. Neilson has completed his Master of Business Administration from the AGSM. He is also the partner of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and the member of the Chartered Accountant in Australia and the New Zealand. Mr. Anthony Neilson will start his responsibilities in the month of the December 2016 (Santos Limited, 2016). The responsibilities of the CFO have changed from the previous year. Mr. Anthony Neilson will analyze the financial statements and he will revolve in the production. Mr. Neilson has also known to perform the accounting function on the computers. The responsibilities of the CFO and their function are distinct into the different roles: The strategist CFO The responsibility of the Mr. Neilson is to make himself, the strategist to the CEO. The success behind the effective CFO are do the management of the financial function, reports the numbers, and should take implemented actions according to the events, which is uncontrollable. The responsibility of the CFO is to look around the each operation, which has conducted in the company. They should have the ability to think and to apply the critical skills with the financial sharpness for achieving the long-term goals of the company. The CFO as the leader Another responsibility of the CFO is making himself a leader, which has the capabilities to implement the strategies of the company. The roles of the CFO are not limited only to the analysis of the efforts, which has done by the others employees or any departments of the company. Now the CFO also takes the responsibilities for the ownership of the financial results of the company and the team of the senior management. The CFO is also responsible for the leadership, which has provided to the others team members of the senior management such as the CEO of the company. The role of the CFO is also making the tough decisions, which is impossible or rare and difficult, but has to take those steps for the success of the company. The CFO as a team leader The responsibilities of the CFO are the leadership ability in the team to the other employees for performing the financial function for both inside and the outside. He is not only responsible for the performance of the team but also for the achievement of the greatest result with the help of the talents of the team. The CFO would generate the best results by the evaluation of the strength of the team members and achieved the performance at the high level with the help of the performance of the individual. The responsibility of the CFO is to bring the talents of the individuals, which have varied from each other and that can be helpful for the achievement of the financial performance. The CFO with the third parties The CFO are also responsible to build and the maintains the relationship with the third parties. These third parties may be customers, vendors, and the bankers also. The people who are not working in the same organization are look forward on the performance of the company, which has conducted by the senior management team such as the CEO of the company. However, in most cases the CFO certifies the financial ability of the company. The role of the CFO is also to make the sustainability of the company for the customers, vendors, and the bankers. These parties also look forward to the roles of the CFO about the truth regarding the financial ability of the company that will deliver the commitment, which has created by the CFO (The Strategic CFO, 2015 Santos Limited The Santos Limited is the producers, which is leading to the oil and the gas in the region of the Asia-Pacific. This company is supply the energy to the homes as per the requirements also to the business and the large industries in the Australia and the Asia. Santos Limited is one of the biggest explorations of the Cooper Basin origin and has the acreage of the production in the Australia. The Santos Limited has the infrastructure that is extensive and gives the commitment towards the supply to the domestic market, open resources and the major value as well as the performance. The portfolio of the liquefied natural gas, which has the high quality and the pipeline gas and the oil assets, supports it. With the help of these, Santos provides the long-term values to the shareholders. The foundation of the Santos depends on the security, sustainability of the operations, and the coordination with the shareholders, society, governments, and the partners of the business. The company innovat es the new process and the creativity, adopts new things, and always ready to accept the new challenges and develop the opportunities and solve the problems of the customers. The company determines the value and the power in the varied things. The company are communicating with the customers for the understanding their views and demonstrate the leadership by share their idea and for the achievements of the results, they challenged each other. The employees of the Santos Limited accepts the responsibilities as their own responsibilities and delivered the work in time with the quality assurance that will give the benefits to the Santos Limited, which is helpful to achieved the vision and the strategy of the company (Santos Limited, 2016). Efficient market hypothesis The theory of the market, which had evolved from the 1960 by the Eugene Fama. He states the efficient market hypothesis is that at the given point of the time and in the market of the liquid, the prices of the security that discloses the information, which is available. The existence of the efficient market hypothesis is in the different degrees i.e., weak, semi-strong, and the strong, which includes the market prices of the non-public information. The theory of the efficient market hypothesis contains the market, which are efficient and the present price, which discloses all the information, which started to perform in the market, which should have the probability instead of the skills. The first form of the EMH is the weak form that assumes the present price of the stock that discloses all the information regarding security market, which is presently available. It states that there is no relation between the previous price and the volume of the data along with the future prices of the security. It is concluded from this from that the over return is not possible with the help of the technical analysis. Another form is the semi-strong that states that the present prices of the stock has adjusted fastly for releasing the new public information. It includes that the prices of the security are available as per the market and the information of the non-market public. It has concluded from this form that the high return is not possible with the help of the fundamental analysis. The last form is the strong form that states that the present prices of the stock are disclose both all the information that is public and the private. It includes the factorization of the market, non-market, and the internal information has done into the prices of the security, which having no access monopolistic to the relevant information. There is an assumption of the perfect market and it has concluded from this form that the greater return is not possible for achieving consistently (Morning Star Inc, 2016). The role of the pension fund manager The main responsibility of the pension fund manager is to manage the pension fund with the pool of the money, which has paid by the company for the benefits. The other responsibilities are: Development of the policies, which has related to the pension, and the packages of the benefits. Review and discuss the strategy of the funds with the advisors, investment managers, and the board of the company. Management of the relationship, between the employer and the trustee. Give advice to the company of the new issues that has related to the finance. Provide awareness about the matters, which has related to the pensions. Ensuring about that the schemes are operating in the effective way and meeting the target. Execute all the administration of the pension schemes (Manpower Nigeria, 2016). References Santos Limited.(2016).what we do. Retrieved from Santos Limited.(2016). Appointment of CFO. Retrieved from The Strategic CFO.(2015).the role of the CFO. Retrieved from VAGO.(2004).CFO: roles and responsibilities. Retrieved from Morning Star Inc.(2016).efficient market hypothesis. Retrieved from Manpower Nigeria.(2016).pension scheme manager. Retrieved from